Fees and Policies


No administrative fees.

Two Party Mediations (4 hours)
Half Day Rate, Per Party - $500.00
Full Day Rate, Per Party - $1000.00
Hourly Rate, Per Party - $125.00

Multi Party Mediations
Half Day Rate, Per Party - $400.00
Full Day Rate, Per Party - $800.00
Hourly Rate, Per Party - $100.00


1) Minimum Mediation Charge: The minimum hearing fee is the applicable half or full-day rate for the time scheduled, even if the mediation ends earlier than scheduled. Any mediation fees not prepaid are billed to the attorneys or representatives of the parties to the mediation. The base hourly rate will be charged for mediator time in excess of the contracted time frame.

2) Late Cancellation Fee: A fee of $200 per party is assessed for mediations that are postponed or cancelled absent good cause within ten (10) business days of the scheduled mediation. If a case is settled or otherwise withdrawn from mediation at least ten business days prior to the mediation date, there is no charge to the parties.

3) Billing Guidelines: Half or full-day rates include time for limited review of submissions involving not more than one hour of time. The Mediator will bill hourly for submission review in excess of one hour and for travel and telephone follow-up, pursuant to the fee agreement at the time of scheduling. No mileage will be charged for full day mediations within Pierce or to King or Thurston Counties.  Where applicable, reimbursement for travel will be at half the hourly rate and auto mileage will be at the current IRS rate. Continuations or subsequent mediation sessions beyond the contracted time period will be billed at rates indicated above.

4) Responsibility for Fees: Additional fees and costs not prepaid prior to the mediation will be the responsibility of the Attorneys and/or representatives of clients, to be paid within 30 days following issuance of an invoice.   Attorneys are advised to pre-collect the projected mediation fees prior to mediation. Prepayment is required unless prior arrangements have been made. The Mediator is not responsible for obtaining payment from individual or business clients of attorneys.

5) Withdrawal in Multi-Party Cases - If a party involved in a multi-party mediation settles out or otherwise withdraws from the mediation before the cancellation deadline, there will be no further fee obligation for that party. If the withdrawal or settlement occurs after the late cancellation deadline and the remaining parties do not agree to reallocate the fee obligation, the withdrawing party remains obligated to share in any applicable late cancellation fee.